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  1. I receive emails I don’t want or need
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  3. I have over 25 messages in my inbox
  4. I would like to spend less time on my email
  5. I would like to make my messages more effective
  6. I would like to make my meetings more effective
  7. I’d like to stop unnecessary emails coming into my inbox
  8. I work from home at least some of the time

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Our Solutions

New Order Working

How to get the work-life balance, set clear boundaries and establish a healthy work environment.

Write clear messages with great subject lines that really make things happen; writing the “Expert Messaging” way will get you faster responses from people.

Discover how to stop side-tracking; understand a format that really makes meetings work for you; keep the meeting on track and help people enjoy it.

Course Content

How to stop the loop between the reaction your emails send and, in turn, the reaction from emails you receive.

How to make sure that your emails produce the result and progress desired using our techniques.

How to effectively and productively work from home without compromising your health.

Chaos to Control

Discover how to manage your email time better and set up the simplest filing system.

Find out the secrets of one-hit emails and stop rubbish coming into your inbox.

9/10 people enjoy less stress and stop unresolved email issues with our techniques.

Course Content

Learn how to be flexible in writing emails in order to maintain relationships whilst producing results.

Learn how reply like a professional, manage copying emails and refine the timeliness and tone of your emails.

Learn by managing your time with email how you can save a month every year by following our techniques.

Bespoke Solutions

This world-beating session takes from just 60 minutes and works with any size of group. You get the best results in the shortest time.

All the expertise packaged for remote delivery – anywhere in the world, any time of day.

Over 150 tips, tricks and secrets of professional communicators packaged to help you get the best results from your email and other digital written media.


As well as a definitive book, we have a range of webinars and face-to-face sessions that help teams, departments and organisations work smarter.

We can include:

  • Avoiding legal pitfalls
  • Messaging on the move
  • Working from home
  • Messaging different cultures
  • Outlook productivity tips
  • Outlook surgery
  • Professional Instant Messaging
  • Successful remote meetings
  • Effective collaboration tools

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