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Give us an hour and we’ll give you back a month.

Discover how to become an outstanding and effective digital communicator.

Save time. Cut stress. Communicate powerfully

Expert Messaging benefitting business and organisations

Results for you

Our programmes will let you master digital communication. From email to zoom we improve the interactions clients have in offices and through remote working. When you use the techniques we have developed, you can expect to:

Save Time

Results from our training prove people can typically save 47 minutes. Each day. Every day. When you communicate better you give yourself a choice.

Give us an hour, we’ll give you a month.

Cut email traffic

Are you fed up with all those unnecessary CC’s and unhelpful emails? 80% of people who put our tips into practice tell us their email traffic improves with customers receiving 26% less of these emails every day.

Stop stress

Email is in the top ten causes of stress at work. By adopting our email protocols and discovering the 150+ techniques you can easily put into practice you will feel more in control and less stressed.

Expert Messaging provided by Bob Hallewell

Bob Hallewell is a leading international expert in digital communication.

His background in IT, interpersonal skills, practical psychology, and accelerated learning drives the course content. Bob’s 35 years’ experience in developing people’s potential has created programmes that are helpful and drive results.

Using dynamic and engaging methods, the programmes address the challenges of digital communication with these solutions.

  • Attitudes (how to develop the best mind-set)
  • Behaviours (Bob’s book covers over 150 simple techniques to make your life easier)
  • Commitment (How to get people to commit to change)

Developed by Bob Hallewell and delivered by Expert Messaging these solutions work for both individual users and organisations of any size including:

HSBC, Bank of America, Amazon, eBay, Red Cross, UK Houses of Parliament and many more.

Bob Hallewell