Business Email Etiquette

Change Communication Culture & Email Etiquette

At Expert Messaging we think people are getting dragged down by ineffective ways of communicating: too many nonsense Emails; constant interruption by instant messages or texts; people focussing on their smart-phone rather than the person across the table and not using the correct Email Etiquette.

Life is too short to put up with this type of stress, so we aim to change communication culture and help people get their lives back. Spend less time emailing and more time doing real work. Restore your inbox pride and sanity through our Email and Inbox Management courses.

Do you find that you’re spending a lot of time playing e-mail Ping-Pong instead of picking up the phone?
Are Employees constantly having to check their Email?
Are they replying to email instantly and sending sensitive business information via emails too?

If so, these can be a sign of bad email culture which can have a huge effect on human resources by sapping time and money. The good news is that these can be remedied through our Email Etiquette Training and Email inbox management courses.

Our 60 minute Email management session is being delivered here in the UK and across the world in our quest to make communication clearer and smarter and help with the management of your inbox. We know our training program works and can provide a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not full satisfied with the results. This allows a typical saving on average of 47 minutes per day as well as receiving numerous other benefits.

Overall we aren’t saying emailing is bad, the real problem is the way people use Emails through incorrect Email Etiquette. By doing what “seems like the right thing to do”, most employees are losing nearly 1 hour of productivity each day, so using the correct Email Etiquette can prevent this.

Help is here to make people be happier and healthier (and work better too).

Join the revolution.